Do you have an adequate Insect Screen product installed around your pool area?

The windows and doors of your home are an opportunity for insects to get into your home.  Many people have an insect screen installed on each of those windows or doors, but most screens perform very poorly.  The truth is that standard screens are simply not designed to keep insects out of your home.


The Super Screen Advantage

A standard insect screen is a 16/14 weave which contains holes large enough for many voracious blood sucking insects to enter your home and attack you on a constant basis.  Super Screen is a revolutionary insect screen product that has a 17/20 weave, which contains holes large enough to allow air flow, but does not allow insects to get into your home.

If you already have insect screens installed, now is the time to take a moment to inspect them.  What kind of condition are these screens in?  Aside from the fact that the 16/14 weave is doing very little to prevent insects from getting into your home, there may be holes in these screens or large tears.  If this is the case, you may as well remove all of these screens because they are doing you very little good.


Complimentary Estimate

The next thing that you should do is request an estimate from Super Screen.  You can have screens custom cut and installed on your home, or you can purchase large rolls of our superior product and prepare your own screens.  Either way, you are going to see a remarkable difference.  After installation, you will notice that no bugs are getting into your home and biting you night after night.

Insect repellent products can be extremely toxic and dangerous, especially when they are ingested.  When you have superior screens installed on your windows and doors, you no longer have to worry about applying toxic repellent products.  It is a simple matter to relax, repellent free, in your home and not be attacked by unwanted insect guests.


Great for Sunrooms, Pools and Patios

Sunrooms and patios with screens are another place where you can install insect screens.  This allows you and your family and friends to sit outdoors on warm evenings and remain out of reach of insects.  Many people have no idea how relaxing it is to sit in a bug-free environment, because they have inferior screens installed that do very little to protect them from the biting insects that come to feast every night.  It is a simple matter to close up all points of access for insects.  Once this is done every homeowner can regain the enjoyment of their screened patio or sunroom with newly installed insect screen.

For the avid gardener, an insect screen can protect your vegetables and flowers from being eaten before you have a chance to enjoy them yourself.  Super Screen can be purchased in a trimmable roll that you can use to create any size of cover that you need for many different applications.  These screens are also useful for keeping your garden safe from other types of larger pests that can eat all of your vegetables in an evening.


pool screen | screen for pool | insect screen | patio screen10 Year Warranty at

If you have never considered what life would be like without the constant attack of insects, then you need Super Screen.  Our product comes with a 10 year warranty and will protect you and your home from pesky insects.  We have seen many a happy customer come back to us to purchase more of our product because they see what our product can do.

Our product not only keeps insects out, it also provides added protection against debris from windstorms, keeping your windows safe from being broken.  Many happy homeowners have already installed our products and are already enjoying an insect free lifestyle.  It is up to you to move toward that lifestyle with the installation of our superior Super Screen insect screen products.